Jigsaw Tips and Tricks!

jigsawA jigsaw allows you to cut complex shapes and patterns into blocks of wood. With a jigsaw, you have the ability to create a unique border around your work or make details in the middle of a piece of wood.

There are some safety issues to consider when working with a jigsaw, but with proper preparation, you can create beautiful woodwork without injury.


1 Attach the wood to your cutting surface with a vice or clamp.

2 Draw the pattern you intend to cut the wood.

3 Choose the correct blade for your project. A thinner blade will make tighter turns but cut through wood more slowly. A thicker blade moves faster, but will not gently maneuver a thin blade.

4 Hold the jigsaw with both hands, your dominant hand on the long handle and your non-dominant hand on the weight box and motor above the blade to immobilize it. Attach the jigsaw to the edge of the wood so that the shoe (the metal part that surrounds the blade) lies flat on the wood.

5 Turn the saw on and guide it through the wood, following the drawing you have made. Keep the saw running until you have finished your cut and taken the blade away from the wood again.

These tips brought to you by thesawcritic.