Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Dog – man’s best friend is a phrase that will never be overrated. These animals have long been good companions for man. An image of the perfect family looks complete when there is a dog there.

Most people look for very faithful and protective dog breeds, especially those families that have young children in their care. If this is your case, in this list of dog breeds you will find a varied number of races that agree with this faithful and affectionate behavior.

Discover the most loyal dog breeds that exist:


These dog breeds are originally from Scotland. They are friendly, intelligent and, of course, loyal and very protective of the owners.

German Shepherds

This breed may seem very aggressive and dangerous, but when it comes to protecting your family and loyalty, you would probably head that list.

Proper training of these dogs, however, is very important.


This breed originated in North America. The Labradors are active, cheerful and very loyal dogs and these are some of the best dogs for children since they get along very well with them.


This breed is from the province of Brittany in France. These dogs have a very sweet character and are very easy to train. His eyes have a peculiar look that will make him fall in love with them.


These breeds are used in national security. They have a very sharp sense of smell. They are fun, loving, kind and loyal partners.


This is a German breed, which was originally used as a hunting dog. This is a very energetic and very loyal breed. They distrust strangers, but they are very faithful to their family.


These races have their origin in Hungary. These dogs really have a sense of humor and are very entertaining. They are loyal to their families and love being the center of attention.


This dog originated in Germany. They are also known as hot dogs since they have a long body. These dogs are very playful and faithful.

St. Bernard

All that is thought when this race is mentioned is Beethoven. They are very loyal and were originally used as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps. They love to please the owners.

Yorkshire Terriers

Popularly known as a Yorkie, this is one of the most beautiful dog breeds. They are very popular as exhibition dogs. They are not aggressive, but they are definitely very loyal.

Now I have to say a bit about the famous dogs of history, which by their loyal nature, their fidelity and usefulness became famous.

Loyal Dogs in History

Below is a list of faithful dogs of history:

  • Chips – tank guard during World War II
  • Hachiko – a loyal friend of man
  • Togo and Balto – stopped an epidemic
  • Barry – super dog who rescued 40 people in the Alps
  • Stubby – war dog in the First World War
  • Owney – mail dog (mascot of the railway mail service)
  • Guinefort – saint who protects the lives of the children of the owners

The works done by these dogs are heroic.

The word loyal is almost inseparable from these dogs. Loyal, faithful and careful is what they always are and have been.

Dogs are very loyal animals, all these breeds of faithful dogs are easy to train with new tricks and perfect for you if it is the quality that you admire in dogs.

However, do not forget that even if a dog is faithful by nature, you must take care of them, respect and treat them appropriately will be the key to decide that you are worthy of its fidelity.